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The skin of your lips doesn’t contain any sebaceous glands and therefore is likely to become dry, rough and sensitive. In order to protect your lips against damage from pollution and adverse weather, Mavala developed Mavalip, a protective epidermal hydrolipidic film composed of lecithin and sterols that slows down moisture loss and protects the lips against drying and chapping is a fascinating idea. Basically plus, Mavala Lipstick improves suppleness and help moisturize the lips. It sounds good but does not run. Ensures easy and uniform application. Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies.

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Linda Babcock, author of Women Don’t Ask, on negotiating to get what you want.

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Just recorded an Allison Weiss Pink Couch! I forgot how crazy I get when I have to interact with someone while setting up the lights, camera and audio equipment. 

The camera only stopped once during recording, so I didn’t get too stressed out. Check out Allison’s website below to hear music and see her on tour w/ Field Mouse in a week.


Oh hey, look at this fun afternoon I just had!

Also heads up Dave, my website is actually http://allisonw.com


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Higher education is a bubble, run by the same kind of people who control our banks, our homes, our health.  My mother came to this country believing it was the only place where one’s hard work and education could allow you to transcend the bonds of race, gender, socioeconomic class.  

I am about to receive my Ph.D. in a technical science from an Ivy League school.  I earned scholarships and worked two full-time jobs in college to get here.  I have worked on research and taught classes for six years on a stipend that would qualify me for welfare.  There are NO jobs waiting for me when I get my doctoral degree.  Despite working for the past six years, my university files graduate labor under a tax code that prevents me from applying for unemployment and that saves the university unforetold in tax breaks.  Because the school is a private institution, we graduate students are unable to unionize, despite the fact that we provide a significant amount of the teaching and research labor that makes this school $$.

EDUCATION IS NOT A PRIVILEGE but in this country it is held captive as such.

I went to graduate school believing that there might be some financial security afforded by a higher degree, and that with that security I could finally buy my mom her own house and take care of her.  Instead, I have wasted six years of my life and am about to enter a job market that will tell me that I am overeducated and overqualified.  I will no longer be able to help my mom pay for health insurance, and I will no longer have my own.  I pray for our good health because that’s pretty much all we will have left.

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Black Hole Caught Firing Cosmic Bullets

Astronomers have captured an image of a black hole firing off two enormous “bullets” of ionized gas at nearly a quarter the speed of light. The cosmic explosion produces as much energy in an hour as the sun emits in five years.

The black hole, named H1742-322, sits near the galactic center, approximately 28,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius.

Using the Very Large Baseline Array — a set of 10 radio telescopes located over a range of 5,000 miles — researchers produced extremely detailed images of the black hole during the ejection.

“If your eyes were as sharp as the VLBA, you could see a person on the moon,” said physicist Gregory Sivakoff of the University of Alberta, who presented the findings Jan. 10 here at the American Astronomical Society meeting.

Pew pew pew! Cosmic bullets raining down!  Pew pew!

There’s a very nice animation from NASA explaining more about this here, I suggest you check it out, if you have the means.

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Happy Birthday to Square One TV, which turns 25 today.  Here’s a memory from one of us.

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